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Cycling in the Wind

If you cycle in the Languedoc region, you will quickly learn to expect wind. While helping to keep you cool in the hot summer months, it can be especially strong and troubling in the winter and spring seasons. Thankfully, the infamous Mistral that you encounter in Provence, does not make it this far south, but [...]

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To clip or not to clip: getting used to clipless pedals

Clip-in pedals (more commonly, and perhaps confusingly, known as ‘clipless pedals’) are the combination of special bike shoes with cleats, which attach to the pedals via a sprung mechanism similar to ski binding. Although initially, the idea of attaching your feet to the pedals may seem slightly crazy, and even dangerous, clipless pedals can greatly [...]

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How to train for hill climbs

Whatever your cycling goals, you can improve your climbing ability by both improving your technique and focusing your training. Start training with shorter climbs. Hill repeats Find a hill that isn't excessively steep. An ideal hill is one that can be split into three distinct phases. It should start reasonably steep (~ 8-10%) flatten slightly [...]

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Pointers for riding safely in a group

The benefits of group riding are wide and varied and by following a few simple tips and techniques, you can make the most of your time on your bike by maximising the camaraderie, support and slipstreaming effect of riding with others. Ensure you are looking ahead and keeping a consistent line of travel. It is [...]

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