In addition to its many wines, Herault also produces a famous regional beverage – Noilly Prat.

Noilly Prat
This unique aperitif has been produced in the town of Marseillan since 1855. The process takes a considerable amount of time and has changed little over the years still using the Picpoul and Clairette grapes grown locally.

Starting with a light fruit wine, Noilly Pratt is aged in big Canadian oak casks. The liquid is then decanted from these bigger casks to smaller ones which are stored outside for about a year where exposure to the wind and the sun helps turn the liquid amber. Once back inside and rested for a few months the fine tuning begins with the addition of herbs and spices. The actual full recipe is still a closely guarded secret, but the cellars on the port of Marseillan are open to visitors where you can learn about Noilly Prat’s proud history and taste this unique aperitif.

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