Recreational cyclist


I ride my bike regularly either for fitness, to commute to work, or just for fun. I’m relatively fit and enjoy the occasional physical challenge. I want to ride on my holiday, but not necessarily every day.

Average ride: 20-45 km

Active cyclist


Physical fitness is very important to me. I ride my bike at least 1-2 times per week and am comfortable with rides of 2 hours or more at a reasonably strong pace. I like a physical challenge and have experience riding distances of up to 100 km.

Average ride: 45-80 km

Avid cyclist


I am a passionate rider, regularly racking up an average of 150 km per week on my bike. I love to train and see my performance improve. I am looking for a fast-paced ride over an extended period of time, and maybe even some friendly competition.

Average ride: 80+ km