Self-guided, point-to-point cycling tour through the vineyards and rolling countryside of Herault and Aude, two of the most popular subregions of Languedoc. Pedal at your own pace as you explore the amazingly varied terrain and history of this area. The Languedoc is not only the oldest and largest wine-growing area in the world, but it is also one of the most historically interesting regions in Europe. Of 37 “Grand sites de France” areas protected for their natural beauty or historical significance, 10 are located in Languedoc. A landscape of contrasts, boasting coastline and mountains, ancient history and lively contemporary market towns full of gastronomic delights and culture. This itinerary will provide you with a taste of all of the above! There are many quiet routes through the rolling hills planted in vines and olive groves. There are challenging climbs, and rewarding vistas, in the Parc Naturel de Haut Languedoc. The Mediterranean provides more leisurely pedalling and coastline views. After a day’s ride, relax at one of many fine restaurants and lively bars around the region. The sun in the Languedoc can be pretty scorching in the summer months, but cooler temperatures begin to return in September allowing for longer rides. The autumn is a fascinating time to cycle through the vineyards, watch the grape harvest in action and take in the stunning changing colours of the Languedoc.

8 days

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